Вячеслав Sitov
on 31 May 2018 199 views
BMW and Google make it possible: for the first time ever, an automotive brand combines the 360° view function with interactivity. Now you can experience the BMW VISION NEXT 100 vehicle wherever you are and in whichever way you want. Interactivity is provided through sensors included in the smartphone (gyroscope, touch, etc.).
With the BMW VISION NEXT 100 vehicle, BMW is looking forward to the exciting times ahead and celebrating the pioneering achievements of the last 100 years. The Google Spotlight Story VISIONARY gives you the opportunity to discover the sheer driving pleasure of the future on your smartphone or tablet.
For Android: To watch the show in full interactive 360° view, use the YouTube App on your device.
For iOS: Download the Google Spotlight Stories App now (Link https://goo.gl/eadPnO).
These interactive stories are optimised for a fast connection (WiFi or LTE) and a supported Android device. Please be sure to update your YouTube app as well to enjoy the best experience.
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